We're Giving Away Our Secret Sauce

Here's our template for building outstanding websites.

Identify Your Ideal Client
These are the people that every word and image is speaking to directly.
Understand Aspirations
Throw words and images all over your site that show your client winning their story.
Identify Their Pain Points
When you talk about what is bothering them, it creates interest and builds trust.
List The Benefits You Offer
As you solve the client's problem, you should be showing what benefits they get from it.
Establish Your Brand As The Guide
Create statements of empathy and authority to show you are the trusted guide.
Include Powerful Testimonials
Brief stories of transformation that include a problem and outcome build trust.
List Awards & Certifications
It's ok to be proud of what those who have recognized you for excellence. But don't overdo it.
State The Process
Clearly lay out the 3 step process from start to outcome.
Sprinkle The Consequences
It's ok to talk about what could happen if someone doesn't work with you.
Establish Your Call To Action
A clear, simple, and easy call to action will compel them to take the first step.
High Resolution Images
Fill your pages with happy people enjoying your product. No dated, blurry or cheesy images are allowed.
Add Engaging Content
Make your site a go-to resource is critical becoming an authority in your space (and for SEO).
Optimize Pages For Google
Add page titles to make sure each page gets the keywords for which you want to be found.
Integrate Your GMB Profile
Make sure your Google My Business profile is active, accurate and integrated with your website.