When your customers are looking to you for answers, does your website help you serve them?
Our website builder makes it simple, fast, and effective to communicate with your people.

We have created a platform so easy to use anyone on your team can update the website in moments.

No more confusion, stress, and wasted hours. And most importantly, no more coding.

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If you're tired of having to pay thousands of dollars every few years just to have an updated site, it's a new day.
Since we are always developing the platform, you'll love all the new features we roll out.

This unique platform gives you a site that looks great, speaks clearly, has strong SEO baked into it and is easy to make edits.

Does Your Website Contain The Four Critical Elements?
Having worked with chiropractors for the last three years, our team has noticed common pain points that keep coming up over and over.

When It Comes To Chiropractic Websites:

  • Good practices were being overlooked by the public because the practice's website didn't look good.
  • The words were confusing and did not connect with their ideal client.
  • Often the messaging was filled with generic chiropractor-speak and did not reflect the personal views of the doctor.
  • The site was getting buried on Google for various, solvable reasons.
  • The platform the site was built on was confusing and tough to make edits or updates.

This leads to lousy websites that underperform and just cost you money.

We are working hard to solve the lousy website epidemic. We've put what we learned in this document we are giving away for free.

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The Benefits Of Our Platform:

You Get Results
It's time to stand out in your industry, rank well on Google, get lots of positive feedback and save hours of time.
It's Easy To Use
If you can operate a Facebook page, you'll be able to figure this out. Make simple changes and customize our template all you want.
You Get Personal Tech Support
You don't have to get support from a chat bot or a Youtube tutorial. Our team will make sure you have all the help you need to get the site you want.
It's Always Being Updated
While most websites you build go out of date within three years, our platform is always being updated to fit modern browsing habits. This is the last site you'll need to buy.
Unlimited Everything
Our premium and lightning-fast server allows you unlimited photos, pages, podcasts, blog posts, forms, and whatever else you need for your site.
StoryBrand Help
We design every site with the power of StoryBrand baked right into each page, word, and image. It's time to target your ideal client.
"I never thought I would love my website so much.

As a business owner these days, I know how important it is to have a great website that gets me new clients. As a construction worker, I've never been able to figure out how to keep one up to date. Get Clear Sites has changed all that for me. I love how easy it is to use."

-Steve Atsma, Atsma Construction

"I have the ability to make changes quickly and easily.

The Get Clear team is always there with outstanding support whenever I need something. They are absolutely awesome people to work with. You can see how easy it is to apply StoryBrand framework to my site as well."

-Dr. Aaron Montgomery, Active Motion Sport And Spine

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Getting A New Site Is So Easy

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You can do it or we can do it. It really depends on what you need. Either way, it's getting done right away.
3. Turn Your Browsers Into Buyers
Your new site brings new leads, ensures fresh content is posted all the time, and inspires you to show off your site everywhere you go.

You Don't Have To Despise Your Website Anymore

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