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A Website Builder For People Who Don't Build Websites

If you love StoryBrand and want to make the most of the framework, Get Clear Sites has provided software that gives anyone the power to create a beautiful website that they know is going to work.

Too many fans of Building A StoryBrand get frustrated when they lack the tools or expertise

to create a website that applies the StoryBrand framework.

Have You Always Wanted To Create A Website
But Still Haven't Found The Right Tool?

Watch Jon and Matt launch the platform on this webinar replay.

Here Are Some Of The Benefits Of This Platform


If you can operate a Facebook page, you'll be able to figure this out. Make simple changes and customize our template all you want.


You don't have to get support from a chat bot or a Youtube tutorial. We will make sure you have all the help you need to get the site you want.


These sites come mostly done for you at a price that is far lower than if you had to hire a developer or use up precious hours fighting with another site building platform.

Creating websites that work with the StoryBrand Framework is difficult work, especially if you have no background in web design.

When I became a Certified StoryBrand Guide in 2017, I had to lean heavily on the work of others to help me provide the kind of sites that I wanted my clients to have.

I searched all over for a website template that would help me and my clients use the principles Don and his team had taught me. Thankfully, my brother, the brains of the family, is a web developer had built a successful business creating websites for churches. They were created so easy to use that a church secretary would have no trouble using the site.

Matt and I are excited to offer this new tool for those who love StoryBrand and want to create beautiful, engaging websites on their own.

I started Get Clear Consulting because I am passionate about watching great businesses succeed. We work hard give the best companies the best tools so they can reach their ideal clients. I believe this website builder is one of our best contributions yet.

I'm sure you want to see more so please do not hesitate to schedule a demonstration of the site with me. I'm so excited to provide this to our community and I'd love to help you use it as a powerful tool in your business.

I hope you can use it to its fullest. Sincerely,

We Made This For You

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"A Website Builder For Those Who Don't Build Websites"

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You'll absolutely love you'll be able to do online.


As a busy chiropractor, I don't have enough time to take advantage of all the great tools that I know can help grow my practice.
I am thankful for Jon's insight and encouragement to try new initiatives and become an influencer in my city.

- Dr. Aaron Jorgensen, Northwest Injury Clinics

I have been working with marketing companies for thirty years and I have never seen anything like this.

I always knew that storytelling was powerful but I never realized that the power was in helping your customer tell their story. StoryBrand has forever changed the way I talk about my company.

- George Martin, CEO Well-Balanced Designs

Working with Jon has opened my eyes to several marketing ideas that I I can start changing and implementing in my business right away. Excited to work with Jon to take it even further. Definitely worth the time.

- Adam Wormald, CEO Cassiar Film Co.

Here's How We Get You Looking Like A Web Pro:


Let's schedule that demo so that you can see what can be done, answer any questions and


Using simple software, you will be able to swap out the words, use your own images, and add a section or two. Your site will be ready to launch.


Get the StoryBrand Framework unleashed on your business. We know it works. It'll work for you.

This is the tool you have always known should exist.

Now it does. We'd love to show you how it works.

Schedule A Demonstration

Anyone can build it.

Easy to make changes.

Add a blog or podcast.

Add a lead generator.

We take care of domain transferring.

Use SEO tools.

Don't waste another dollar or minute messing around with another confusing site builder.

Contact us today and get creating outstanding sites you didn't even know you were capable of.

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We connect the best businesses with the best marketing tools.

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Here's how we recommend applying the StoryBrand principles to your site.


We think you might like this free home page template.

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It all starts with a phone call.

It all starts with a phone call.

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