At Get Clear, we obsess over the success of our clients.
This is our process in how our team partners with you from the very beginning to completing amazing projects that you will be proud of.

This is our process for how our team builds projects and therefore does not apply to our "Build Your Own Site" package.

1. Get Your Project Started
Everything starts with just one click.
  • You click "Start A Project" and either select and start your project right away, or connect with our team.
  • Initial payment/acceptance of partnership is completed and you receive a welcome email with all the next steps.
  • We equip you to set up your client profile where you can see the progress on your project, connect with our team, and access our knowledge base.
  • The creation of your project begins.
2. Create a Clear Message
It's time to get into the head and heart of your ideal client.
  • StoryBrand Coaching Session: If you invested in a coaching session with one of our certified StoryBrand Guides, and we will send you a booking link to schedule your coaching session when it fits best with your busy schedule.
  • Brand Messaging Form: We will send you a form to complete that will equip our team of designers with everything they need to create your projects with excellence.
3. Building Out Your Website
We get to work creating a winning website you and your customers will love.
  • Our design team integrates the content from the completed Brand Messaging Form or Storybrand Coaching Session into your projects.
  • We use the StoryBrand framework in all projects to ensure clarity and excellence.
  • You as the client as given your first of two opportunities to offer thoughts and feedback on your projects (make sure you take the time to get all your feedback in at this stage).
  • We take your feedback and continue to build out your projects to your preferences with excellence.
4. Make It Sparkle
Get the look you want.
  • Our team puts your projects through a rigorous in-house review process to ensure a high level of excellence and quality.
  • You are provided your second of two opportunities to request any final tweaks to your projects (make sure you communicate everything you would like to see as this is the last step before we provide you with your final product).
  • Our design team integrates any final changes to your projects.
  • Your projects go through one more in-house excellence review. 
5. Technical Support And Ongoing Hosting
We are here to help you with rock star service whenever you reach out.
  • We provide you with your finished projects.
  • Any additional payments and monthly hosting (for website projects) begin 30 days after your initial payment and acceptance of partnering together.
  • We guarantee you will be proud of every project our team creates for you.
  • Our team sets you up for continued success and we will always be here for you.
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